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Service Areas

Fiber Areas : Red = Fiber available, Blue = In construction, Green = Pre-Construction

Future fiber areas progress is shown below. Sign up today and spread the word. Customer demand helps drive where fiber is built next.

Woodward Mimosa

31% to goal

Tangier Mimosa

15% to goal

Kingfisher - Shaffenberg (Future Fiber)

13% to goal

Okarche (Future Fiber)

11% to goal

Kingfisher (Future Fiber)

8% to goal

Mooreland (Future Fiber)

7% to goal

Apache (Future Fiber)

7% to goal

Crescent (Future Fiber)

6% to goal

Okeene (Future Fiber)

4% to goal

Thomas (Future Fiber)

4% to goal

Watonga (Future Fiber)

3% to goal

Hollis (Future Fiber)

2% to goal

Frederick (Future Fiber)

0% to goal