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Newcastle's Carr, Kings Park and Bradford Place is now Fiber ready!

8:37AM August 01, 2019

If you live in the Carr, Kings Park or Bradford Place  housing additions, Pioneer is excited to announce the completion of the fiber-optic network project!  Now is your time to convert your Pioneer services from the old copper network to fiber! 

One benefit of a fiber network is the enhancement it brings to your Internet experience:

  • Fiber provides you access to use more bandwidth with a worry-free internet experience. 
  • Never worries about buffering while streaming videos
  • No more lagging while online gaming
  • Connect a house full of wireless devices without concern
  • Enjoy the newest fiber GigaSpire gateway equipment with WiFi 6 technology -- free with your new fiber service.

If you have not been converted to the new fiber-optic network, call Pioneer today.  Don't be left behind.  Remember, all Pioneer service must be converted to fiber; the copper network will soon be disconnected. 

Call today for our money-saving offers!  


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