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New fiber construction moves to new areas!: Richland Park , The Oaks and Four Lakes

4:46PM April 01, 2019

Locations included in Newcastle's Richland Park and The Oaks and Blanchard's Four Lakes will begin to see fiber construction the week of April 8th.    In order to expedite your conversion to fiber it is VERY IMPORTANT that each home owner sign and return the Service Location Agreement to Pioneer or our contractor MRL (Monte R Lee & Company) as soon as possible!  We don't want you to be left behind and not get the fiber drop buried to your home. 

If you have questions about the Fiber construction or the Service Location Agreement, please call MRL at 405-485-2553.

Pioneer is excited to see progress with our aggressive fiber optic network projects.  Remember, there is no obligation to subscribe to a Pioneer service to receive fiber to you home.  We want to upgrade  your location with fiber while we are in the area so you can have access to the latest technology, just as your neighbors will!  Fiber also increases your homes value -- Fiber is a great selling point if you ever decide to move!

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