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Mooreland Fiber Construction has started!

11:16AM June 11, 2018

Mooreland Fiber construction has started! Pioneer's sub-contractors are in the field burying conduit and the fiber main line. Depending on the weather, the Mooreland project which includes 2 zones and could take up to 6 months to complete. During this time, you will see Pioneer technicians, Field Engineer and sub-contractors in the area securing the required easements for each property, burying conduit and installing fiber. Pioneer has been advised that the sub-contractors may be in trucks that do not display the Pioneer logo. A Pioneer representative will always be near the construction area.

If you have not already registered on the GoPioneer Fiber website, please do so. If you have, thank you! This will allow us to contact you first at schedule your fiber installation when we are ready to convert our customers from the legacy copper network to the new fiber network. To register your interest in fiber, visit  www.GoPioneer.com and click on the Get Fiber icon at the top of the page.

Fiber provides the most effective, efficient and reliable path for broadband service with internet speeds up to 1 Gig or 1,000 Mb. It's also less prone to interference and complications from lightning or other natural elements. Fiber ads value to your home by future-proofing your home for expected broadband needs.

Go ahead, enter your address to the right and follow the instructions to register your interests in fiber services--no obligations! At any point during the upgrade process, if you have questions please contact your local Mooreland Business office at 1-888-782-2667.

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