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Great news for Blanchard!

4:18PM February 25, 2019

Pioneer is coming your way with Fiber!  We are currently in our early stages of the fiber construction process for many areas including: Blanchard downtown, Cherokee Hills, Four Lakes Raymond Brooks, Fox Run and Oakmont.  Residents in these areas will begin to see field engineers in the field planning and designing the fiber line layout.  This phase often seems like the longest phase, because you won't actually see much progress on the ground,  but we take extra time in this phase to plan the construction so that it is the most efficient and therefore can be installed the quickest. 

City of Blanchard utility customers will receive a message from Pioneer along with their bill next month.  We have also posted the bill message here. 

If you have any questions about the fiber construction process, please contact our fiber construction contractor, Monte R Lee & Company at 405-485-2553 or visit with your local Pioneer office.    We look forward to serving you with the latest fiber optic network from Pioneer. 


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