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ATTENTION Dibble ACAM residents -- Signed Easements are due!

2:28PM November 15, 2018

It is necessary for Dibble residents included in the Pioneer Fiber construction zones to have signed a Service Location Easement that allows Pioneer and the fiber construction contractors to bury fiber on your personal property prior to construction fiber being installed. 

If you have not been visited by a Field Engineer and signed an Easement, please call and make an appointment today so you are not left out of the fiber construction process.  If you do not sign an Easement and the construction passes you property, it will take 90 days or more to receive fiber service after the zone has been completed.  

CALL TODAY so you are not left behind! 

Call Greg at 405-375-0312 or email him at gccopeland@ptci.com.

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Newcastle-Carr Addition, Kingspark and Bradford Neighborhood Construction Set to Start 8-13

2:25PM July 06, 2018

Newcastle-Carr Addition, Kingspark and Bradford Neighborhood Construction Set to Start August 13th.  Construction will begin in the Carr addition near the Pioneer Retail Office.  Kingspark will begin next followed by the Bradford Addition.  If you have not signed your easement you can stop by the office to do so.  You will see construction crews in the area for approximately 60 to 70 days before they move on to the next fiber over build. Thank you for your patience.  

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Frederick ACAM Fiber Complete

12:51PM July 06, 2018

Frederick Fiber installation is complete. Customers that live in the RED area or In Service on the Fiber Areas map, can sign up for Go Gig Fiber, DTV, Telephone, Security and Cellular.  

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March 28, 2018:

3:37PM March 28, 2018

March 28, 2018: Kingfisher Zone A is ready to schedule customer upgrades!

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January 17, 2018

2:09PM January 18, 2018

GREAT NEWS!  The Kingfisher Fiber construction project has started.

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