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Chris Fiegener
Piedmont Mimosa - Non PTC
Ernesto Gonzalez
Blanchard Downtown- Fiber Available
Terra Landry
Newcastle - Newcastle Heights (Fiber Available)
David King
Newcastle (Fiber Available)
Elizabeth Mahseet
Apache (Future Fiber)
Jonathan Brooks
FW - Deer Creek
Kenneth Westfahl
Okeene ACAM1
Don Glenn
Fairview Zone A
Pam Quimby
Ames - Reconnect4
Bobby Harper
Frederick (Fiber Available)
Brenda Brantley
Chattanooga Baseline
Tim Koehler
Newcastle (Fiber Available)
Allen Moose
Fairview Zone B
Nicole Robinson
Okeene ACAM3
Hailey Leger
Comanche (Fiber Available)
Jon Barnes
Newcastle (Fiber Available)
Gary Gartrell
Woodward Phase2
Ryan Kudron
Piedmont (Proposed Fiber)
Mindy Heath
Newcastle - Fiber Available
Lesa Woods
Ringwood South ACAM
Cam Donnell
FW - Deer Creek
Amanda perkey
Dibble Overbuild 6
Lindsay Bertsch
Watonga (Fiber Available)
Angel Kier
Pioneer Service Area - Dibble
Jonathan Flower
Pioneer Service Area