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Jacob Underhill
Mooreland (Future Fiber)
Jan Dickens-Munkres
Ames - Reconnect2
Ashton Pellerin
Blanchard - Winter Creek (Fiber Available)
Tim McCall
Quinlan ACAM2
Juan Díaz
Chester West (ACAM)
Phillip and Jeanne Reid
Robert Crane
FW - Deer Creek
Christopher Lowe
Apache ACAM D
phyllis abernaty
Weatherford - Prairie West
Kelly Stauffer
Pioneer Service Area
Thomas ACAM
Catherine Day
Pioneer Service Area
Austin Moxley
Watonga (Future Fiber)
Tina Arnce
Pioneer Service Area
Dana Payne
Apache (Future Fiber)
Ray Hull
Waynoka ACAM2
Shae Miller
Garber Town Overbuild
Alexander Taylor
Pioneer Service Area
Marcus or Raven Cruz
Kingfisher ACAM-(Fiber Available)
James Cunha
Newcastle - County Line & Hwy 130 (Fiber Available)
Zachary Herndon
Pioneer Service Area
Sue Baxter
Pioneer Service Area
Ray Simmons
Weatherford - Autumn Ridge
Steve Sweeney
Apache ACAM D
Daniella lucero
Watonga (Future Fiber)