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William Palmer
Hennessey Overbuild1 (Fiber Available)
Tridina TwoBabies
Pioneer Service Area
Lee Shadrick
Pioneer Service Area
Johnna Jackson
Watonga (Future Fiber)
Christopher Gard
Crescent A (ACAM) Fiber Available
Patricia Austin
Blanchard - Timber Oaks (fiber available)
Caleb Hogan
Frederick (Fiber Available)
Angela Schoffstall
Pioneer Service Area
Melissa Hoffman
Canton ACAM
Daniel Craig
Kingfisher (Fiber Available)
Lynda Latta
Pioneer Service Area
Kelsey Rodriguez
Comanche (Fiber Available)
Charlie Haag
Pioneer Service Area
Amy Melson
Blanchard -South Park (Fiber Available)
Brenda Cook
Crescent Overbuild
Princess Neidhart
Newcastle - Newcastle Hills (Fiber Available)
Duane Hicks
Pioneer Service Area
Randall White
Fairview Zone B
Grant Browning
Newcastle -East Central Newcastle (Fiber Available)
John Endres
Okarche Town Overbuild
Brandi Burdick
Comanche (Fiber Available)
Amanda Garner
Blanchard -Four Lakes (Fiber Available)
Okeene ACAM2
Stacie Cardona
Pioneer Service Area - Dibble
Joanie Schmidt
Pioneer Service Area