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Michael Immell
Pioneer Service Area
Steven Cuzzort
Blanchard - Winter Creek (Fiber Available)
Okeene (Future Fiber)
Angie Meyer
Okarche - ACAM C
Laura Golden
Pioneer Service Area
Michael Richards
Crescent Overbuild
Sonia Veloz
Apache ACAM D
Trent Long
Pioneer Service Area
Capt. Cameron Smith
Canton ACAM
Edward Booze
Pioneer Service Area
Bradley Beasley
Woodward (proposed fiber area)
Mackenzie Moore
Newcastle (Fiber Available)
william anderson
Okarche Town Overbuild
Haley Vanderlinden-Meek
Blanchard -South Park (Fiber Available)
Patrick Freels
Kingfisher Town Overbuild (future fiber)
Haedyn Lambert
Apache ACAM D
Maria Martinez
Newcastle -NE Newcastle (Fiber Available)
Devin Garcia
Kingfisher (Fiber Available)
Tim Sodowsky
Ringwood North ACAM
Daniel Figueroa
Newcastle -Bradford (Fiber Available)
Carol Garren
Dibble C1 (ACAM) Fiber Available
Pedro Ibarra Rios Jr
Pioneer Service Area
Eddie White
Mutual South (ACAM)
Amy Stiner
Okarche - ACAM C
Jeremy Maxwell
Pioneer Service Area