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Tyler Waitman
Pioneer Service Area - Dibble
Jason McAdoo
Comanche (Fiber Available)
Jim Shelly
Pioneer Service Area
Heather Teubert
Pioneer Service Area
Tracy Kraus
Woodward Mimosa
Amber Ritter
Lucas Elledge
Pioneer Service Area
Chad Martinez
Apache (Future Fiber)
Johnny Russell
Blanchard -Cameo (Future Fiber)
Gerald Blount
Newcastle - Newcastle Hills (Future Fiber)
Larry Scott
FW - Watonga Y
Laney Mills
Apache (Future Fiber)
Debbie Evans
Newcastle - Stenson Creek (Fiber Available)
Charles Pearson
Tangier Mimosa
Jerry Dodd
Blanchard - Middleburg (Future Fiber)
Marla Stewart
Pioneer Service Area
Jerry Pfeiffer
Orlando A (ACAM)
Jeri Day
Orlando B (ACAM)
William Roark
Dibble C1 (ACAM) Fiber Available
Heidi gambill
Kingfisher Town Overbuild (future fiber)
Joy Mason
Newcastle - County Line & Hwy 130 (Future Fiber)
Danielle Davis
Kingfisher Town Overbuild (future fiber)
Crystal Munsey
Blanchard -Fox Run (Future Available)
Marty Lenzmeier
Blanchard - Winter Creek (Future Fiber)
Eddie Gober
Newcastle - The Oaks (Fiber Available)