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John Montgomery
Comanche (Fiber Available)
Chino Gonzalez
Kayla Blankenship
Blanchard Downtown- Fiber Available
Lynda Howeth
Newcastle - Newcastle Heights (Future Fiber)
robert sanders
Newcastle - North H&L (Future Fiber)
Austin Johnson
Pioneer Service Area
Michael Schneider
Pioneer Service Area
Blanchard - Timber Oaks (future fiber)
Alicia Rambo
Dibble E4 (ACAM) Fiber Available
Marlo Reishus
Blanchard - Oakmont (Fiber Available)
Jordan Dalton
Pioneer Service Area
Caitlin Collett
Jesus Garcia
Pioneer Service Area
Kent Barnett
Tangier Mimosa
Jordan Avants
Garber Town (Future Fiber)
Teresa Childers
Orlando B (ACAM)
James McElfresh
Crescent C (ACAM)
David Johnson
Blanchard West (Future Fiber)
Jennifer Parker
Pioneer Service Area
Diego Marquez
Hennessey Overbuild1 (future fiber)
Sheree Morehead
Newcastle -SE Newcastle (Future Fiber)
Gordon Morrison
Apache (Future Fiber)
Marquis Hudson
Newcastle - Fox Hollow (Fiber Available)
Amber Cranfill
Apache (Future Fiber)
Pam Shepherd
Crescent Overbuild